Maxwell’s Equations T-shirt


The front shows Maxwell’s equations of light. Published in 1873, these four equations describe the behavior of light and electromagnetic radiations. The back depicts the curvature of space-time by the immense gravitational attraction of a black hole. Black with white printing. Unisex sizes.

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100% cotton; preshrunk. MIT Museum logo (approximately 2×2 inches) on right sleeve.

This website has a basic tutorial about Maxwell's equations. We haven't tried it ourselves, but it seems a good place to start.

And here's another short explanation of the background and content of these equations.

You may also be interested in the online presentation of the second semester of MIT's introductory physics sequence, Electricity and Magnetism (course 8.02). This online version follows the MIT on-campus class as it was given by the renowned Professor Walter Lewin in the spring of 2002, and includes his video lectures and problem solving sessions. Professor Lewin, proclaimed "a Web Star" by The New York Times, has supplemented his lectures by including interactive questions to help students check their understanding during the lectures themselves. Also, the course uses prize-winning animations and interactive simulations developed under the leadership of Professor John Belcher for MIT's Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) classroom.


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