Bsteady Car Mount


The ingenious design of the Bsteady car mount fits any phone and almost any car to keep your drive safe and hands-free. Hang your phone from your car vents and your GPS or playlist is in easy sight. The any-phone design will still work when you swap in your friend’s phone or upgrade yours, and the open sides mean it’s easy to charge your phone as you go.

Choose the regular size for most phones including the iPhone 6 and 6Plus, and Nexus 5.

Developed by MIT grad, Susan Taing, whose company, Bhold, focusses on using new technologies to develop beautiful, helpful and fun products.

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5.0 in. high x 5.8 in. wide x 1.0 in. deep. Made in USA.

Susan Taing, founder of Bhold is a designer and maker, based in New York, with experience spanning creative, tech and manufacturing.  At MIT, Susan had a double major in Mathematics and Management Science--Operations Research (Courses 18 and 15, respectively).  After working for a year in finance, she moved to California for a Masters in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford.  Susan spent 7 years at Google in Product Marketing and has experience with manufacturing through the family business.

Within its first year, Bhold received strong recognition from both the maker and design communities.   Susan received an invitation as Honored Maker to the White House and Editor’s Choice award from MAKE.  She also had a showcase and residence at Museum of Arts and Design (New York City); and participated in WantedDesign, and the Product Design Showcase at 3D Printshow.


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