Bhold some great products


Susan Taing shows off our latest addition to our MIT hatch’d collection: her Bsteady car mount for mobile phones. Her Bheard sound pod is also displayed.

Behold the great new products that Susan Taing, founder, principal designer, and MIT alum has created!

Susan dropped by the MIT Museum Store recently to chat about her ingenious and eminently functional items, each of which solves a nagging little problem of modern living.

Susan’s a double-major in Math and Management Science–Operations Research (Courses 18 and 15, respectively). She founded Bhold with the goal of creating objects that are simple, beautiful, and useful.

Rapid prototyping via 3D printing is key to her design and development process. Susan typically creates between 50 and 100 versions of every new product.  Each revision is thoroughly tested by a worldwide community of testers. This intensive assessment guarantees that the end product is easy to use, isn’t loaded down with unnecessary bells and whistles and–most importantly–is enjoyable to have around.

As Susan has said, “Every time an iteration of a design gets too complex, I cut, cut, and cut until it’s back to something manageable” and closely adheres to the original reason for creating it.  But that emphasis on functionality doesn’t mean her products are boring. Far from it! She uses bold, vibrant colors and appealing shapes to make her everyday objects a source of visual pleasure. Susan feels she can “be most helpful in is creating something beautiful that fixes a problem every day.”

The MIT Museum Store carries two of Susan’s products that make using your mobile phone easier and more enjoyable: the Bsteady Car Mount and the Bheard Sound Pod. The Bsteady Car Mount lets you mount any cell phone on your car’s dashboard so that it’s easy to reach and visible. The Bheard Sound Pod enriches the sound produced by your cell phone’s speaker, creating a warm, beautiful sound.

Both of these products have clearly achieved Susan’s goals of making your life easier with style and grace.  An achievement worthy of an MIT graduate!  We’re looking forward to her next creations!